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Welcome to the official website of the European Philological Society (EPhS), established with a profound commitment to fostering the advancement of philological studies in Europe, The European Philological Society (EPhS) is particularly focused on the following areas:

  1. Classical Philology

  2. Byzantine Philology

  3. Romance Philology

  4. Germanic Philology

  5. Slavic Philology

  6. Ugro-Finnic Philology

  7. Semitic Philology

  8. Philology of Cinema

  9. Philology of Fashion

Membership and Invitation

Membership in the European Philological Society is exclusively by invitation. Scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of philology can become members upon invitation extended by existing members of the society, academic institutions, or departments. This selective approach ensures a vibrant community of individuals, and institutions united by their passion for philological exploration and research.

Languages of the Website

The primary language of the European Philological Society's website is English, allowing seamless accessibility and communication for our diverse audience. Additionally, we celebrate the rich linguistic tapestry of Europe by facilitating single communications in French, Italian, Spanish, German, and other European languages, fostering a truly inclusive environment for countries with strong philological traditions.


The Philological Society of Europe is a dynamic and inclusive hub dedicated to promoting the field of philology across the continent. Our mission is to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking among philologists, researchers, educators, and enthusiasts from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 

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Activities of the European Philological Society


Awards and Recognitions

The European Philological Society takes pride in fostering excellence within the field of philological studies. To celebrate outstanding contributions and remarkable achievements, we organise awards that recognise exceptional research, scholarship, and contributions to the advancement of philology in Europe. 

- The Erich Auerbach Award for Philology

This award seeks to recognise and celebrate exceptional achievements in the realm of general philology, encompassing Classical Philology, Byzantine Philology, Germanic Philology, Slavic Philology, Ugro-Finnic Philology, and Semitic Philology. It aims to honor individuals of any age who have showcased remarkable expertise, innovation, and unwavering dedication in unraveling the complexities of language, texts, and cultures. 

- In the field of Romance Philology, we organise two awards dedicated to Gaston Paris: the first one for lifetime achievement, and the second one aimed at young researchers.

- The EPhS also organises the "Peter Von Bagh Award" for Cinema Philology, and

- the 'Umberto Tirelli Award" for Fashion Philology.


Book Reviews

As part of our commitment to promoting scholarly engagement and dialogue, EPhS members have the opportunity to participate in our book review program. Members can contribute insightful book reviews on recent publications relevant to philological studies. These reviews provide valuable insights, critiques, and assessments of scholarly works, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas within our community. Fair and Balanced Review Process. The European Philological Society places utmost importance on maintaining an objective and fair review process. If a book review contains a critical assessment, we believe in providing an opportunity for the author to respond to the review. Constructive dialogues are essential for academic growth and understanding. To ensure a balanced discussion, we request a fellow member to act as a moderator in such cases, fostering a respectful exchange of perspectives.

Community Engagement

At EPhS, we strive to create an inclusive and collaborative environment for philologists across Europe, through the reporting of significant events, conferences, and workshops directly submitted by the members of the society in the dedicated section of our website. We actively engage our members, providing opportunities to interact with peers, expand their network, and exchange insights on cutting-edge research. By facilitating connections and fostering academic exchange, we aim to strengthen the bonds within the philological community.

EPhS Publications

EPhS is dedicated to promoting scholarly dissemination and recognition. We offer members a unique opportunity to publish their research in our online journal, with the assignment of a DOI number to each publication accepted by the individual scientific committees. Additionally, we have established collaborative relationships with some publishers who will provide this opportunity in their publications as well. Peer-reviewed and of the highest academic standard, our publications serve as valuable resources for the wider philological community, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

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