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Regulation of the Erich Auerbach Award for Philology 

Article 1 - Purpose of the Award 
The Erich Auerbach Award is a distinction bestowed every two years upon eminent philologists. Its objective is to recognise and reward remarkable scholarly work, dissemination, and deepening of philological subjects. This award celebrates exceptional contributions that have enriched the realm of knowledge throughout the distinguished philologists' careers.

Article 2: Eligibility 
The Erich Auerbach Award is open to European and international philologists whose work and achievements have significantly contributed to the advancement of philological studies.
2.1 Eligible candidates may be proposed to the Erich Auerbach Award allocation committee by peers, academic institutions, philology-related organisations, and by EPhS members.
2.2 Self-nominations are not permitted.

Article 3 - Nomination and Selection Procedure 
Nominations must reach the Committee no later than April 15th of each year. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place within the following two years, it will be organized at the most appropriate venue based on the nationality and workplace location of the awardee.
3.1. Nominations must be accompanied by a statement specifying the candidate's work and publications upon which the proposal is based, along with the candidate's curriculum vitae. 
3.2. Nominations can be submitted via the official Erich Auerbach Award website or through email to the address specified by the allocation committee. 
3.3. The Erich Auerbach Award allocation committee reviews all submitted nominations and selects the recipient based on criteria of academic excellence, relevance, and impact in the field of philology. 
3.4. The allocation committee's decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Article 4 - Announcement of the Laureate
The name of the Erich Auerbach Award laureate is announced during an official ceremony. The laureate will be informed in writing of their selection and invited to attend the award ceremony.

Article 5 - Prize and Rewards 
The Erich Auerbach Award laureate will receive a commemorative medal, a certificate of honor, and a monetary prize as recognition of their exceptional contributions to the field of philology. 
The amount of the monetary reward will be determined biennially by the Erich Auerbach Award allocation committee.

Article 6 - Laureate's Commitment 
The laureate commits to actively participate in philology-related academic activities, such as conferences, workshops, or seminars, to share their knowledge and expertise with the philological community. 
The laureate is also encouraged to promote the significance of philology and inspire the next generation of researchers and students interested in this field of study.

Article 7 - Confidentiality 
Personal information and data submitted as part of the Erich Auerbach Award nomination will be treated with the utmost confidentiality by the allocation committee. Deliberations of the allocation committee and all communications related to nominations will remain strictly confidential.

Article 8 - Changes to the Regulation 
The Erich Auerbach Award allocation committee reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time, subject to prior communication to potential candidates and relevant parties.

Article 9 - Acceptance of the Regulation 
The submission of a nomination for the Erich Auerbach Award implies full acceptance of this regulation by the candidate and relevant parties.

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